Our Mission

Reduce the risk of infection within dental clinic

Limit disruption to the busy office setting

Our 4-phase delivery model ensures that all necessary steps are included in the audit

Safe Dentistry Inc.
  1. Office Walk-About
  2. Efficient and Comprehensive Checklist Documentation
  3. Confidential Web-Based Reporting and Access to Recommendations
  4. Follow-up Assessment Using AI Technologies

Upon Completion of Program

Dental clinics and associated dentists will receive a 3-year membership status with the SAFE program.

Safe Dentistry Inc.
  • Successful completion of the program will be measured by specific criteria as defined by the IPAC guidelines.
  • Follow-up monitoring in year 2 and 3 will be conducted to ensure that the compliance of the IPAC standards are met.

Our Infection Control Consulting Team

Will enable your staff to deliver safe quality services to your clients by:


Introducing a Concentrated Focus on Risk Reduction


Following Industry Infection Prevention and Control Standards

Minimizing the Transmission of Infection

More Information

For more information about SAFE Dentistry or to enroll in the program.