Hello World, Welcome to the SAFE Dentistry Inc Blog

Welcome to the SAFE dentistry blog.

This is the first and best place to find about what’s happening with our service business and the situation that governs our existence.


Joan Hutchings

Here’s where you can read about the day to day realities of Joan Hutchings, the lead clinical consultant for SAFE Dentistry Inc. Joan is primarily responsible for conducting and monitoring all audits. Ms. Hutchings has over thirty-five years of experience in the health care environment and has provided consulting services and audits to more than 50 hospital surgery programs and outpatient clinic settings.

Dr. Natalie Archer DDS

Natalie Archer DDS, an accomplished and experienced Toronto dentist, and the Founder of Archer Dental. She received her Bachelor of Science and her Doctor of Dental Surgery at Dalhousie University and began her dental career in 2001.