Standards Achievement
Facility Evaluation

Safe Dentistry Inc.


We deliver a customized infection prevention and control audit program for the dental office and staff.

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ExperienceThe design of this program brings together 50 years combined clinical experience of a highly respected, successful dentist Dr. Natalie Archer and the extensive knowledge and experience in infection prevention and control of an epidemiologist, surgical suite specialist Joan Hutchings, RN, CPN, BA, MSc, MPA .

InfectionOur infection control consultants assist dentists and staff working in dental clinics to achieve and adhere to recommended standards of practice, a requirement to provide safe services to the public as described by Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, Public Health Ontario and Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

SAFE Dentistry Inc.

Standards Achievement Facility Evaluation

Our goal is to assist in the delivery of safe quality services in accordance with industry standards to minimize the RISK of transmission of disease and infection.

What we Provide:

Comprehensive on-site audit of the IPAC policies and procedures to ensure that patient safety standards are adhered to.

Knowledgeable consultants with expertise and tools to critically review, educate, report and recommend solutions that can significantly decrease the RISK of infections.

Customized services built on regulated industry standards are available to all clinics, big or small, urban or rural.

SAFE Dentistry Membership

Upon successful completion of the Standards Achievement Facility Evaluation audit, the clinic and associated dentists will receive a membership to the SAFE DENTISTRY PROGRAM.

Clip Board

Membership identifies that the dentist has participated in the audit and is compliant with IPAC standards.


Acknowledgment can be proudly displayed for clients to see that their dental team cares about them and works hard to keep them safe.

Safe Dentistry Inc.

Provides each dentist confirmation of a safe, competent practice environment for their clients.

Expectations of Profession

The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) strongly recommends that ALL dentists undertake external audits of the infection prevention and control (IPAC) policies and procedures in their offices.

  • The audit will ensure that patient safety standards are adhered to and best practices are implemented.
  • The audit is structured to assess all core components of IPAC, as well as the reprocessing of instruments.
  • Dentists have an obligation to maintain the standards of practice of the profession and must ensure that recommended IPAC policies and procedures are carried out in their offices.
  • Dentists and other health care workers have a clear responsibility to establish, evaluate, continually update and monitor their IPAC strategies and protocols.
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